Satellite Skater Program

This program is open to level 3 (full-contact) junior skaters who do not have a JRDA sanctioned team within their region. 

Application Process:

All satellite skaters must apply no later than Nov 15th to be considered for the program.  Spots are evaluated and filled on a first come, first serve basis. Applications are accepted starting September 1st each year.

No more than 25% of the Mob City Misfits charter can be filled by satellite skaters. Satellite skaters cannot be listed on the charter of any other JRDA sanctioned teams (female or open).

How to apply:

  1. Email and ask about applying to the satellite skater program.
  2. Write a short statement about why you would like to play with the Mob City Misfits which includes your derby experience.
  3. Provide video or video clips of you playing roller derby.
  4. We require a letter of reference from a previous coach or trainer (does not have to be roller derby, but cannot be a parent).


Satellite skaters must set up a communications plan with the coaches once they are accepted. They are responsible to staying on top of league events, upcoming games, and tournaments. They will need to set up regular check-ins with coaches, and they will need to be available for all sanctioned games and tournaments. Other requirements will be discussed with the coaching staff if they are accepted as Satellite skaters.