Mob City coaches love this league and love roller derby! Almost all our coaches are former and current roller derby skaters or officials, most with over 10 years experience in the sport. Mob City is proud of our league and our retention, many Mob City alumni have returned as coaches including league coaches Bombshell and Keiran who both starting skating with Mob City when it formed in 2013, and have been coaching with the league since 2017.

Because of the depth of our coaching staff we are able to work with skaters at all levels and adjust our teams annually to best fit the demand of the skaters in the Mob Family.

2023-2024 season coaches

Goons: Vixen, Heidi Your Boyfriend, Cherry on Top

Punks: Kieran, Adalaide herout, Brute, and skater coach EquiKnocks

Misfits: MF Chaz, Bombshell, Eva Derci, Kieran, Brute, Teeny Bopper

If you would like to contact our coaching staff you can reach league coaches Bombshell, MF Chaz and Eva Derci at