The Mob City Goons (Level I)

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New Skater Camps are a session-based program designed to welcome newcomers (ages 7-18) to the joy of roller skating and prepare them for the sport of roller derby. Coaches work with skaters one-on-one or in small groups to focus on fundamentals of skating, stopping, falling, roller sport safety, goal setting,and a basic understanding of roller derby game play. New Skater Camps are zero contact, focusing on skating skills, safety, and control on skates. Because athletes develop at varying paces, a skater may attend as many Goons sessions as they or their family choose to. Goons participants will be assessed regularly for readiness to progress into our Punks program.

Whether a child aspires to play competitive roller derby, or just wants a place to grow comfortable on their skates in a positive, welcoming, and judgment-free space, the Mob City Goons is an excellent place to start. Mob City Goons practice Sunday afternoons at the Northgate Community Center.

New Skater Camps 2024

7 week sessions start this fall.

Cost: $125.00 for 7 weeks.

New Skater camps are zero contact and focus on skating skills, safety, and fun! Each camp is 7 weeks long. Each week focuses on a different set of skating skills to get your skater ready for any kind of skating they want to pursue. Skills include but are not limited to: Starts, stops, balance, footwork, falls & recovery, transitions, and backwards skating. Each camps ends with an assessment to track progress. Camps can be repeated to increase skills, or skater can advance into our roller derby program or onto their next skating adventure! Register for new skater camp or email to more information. Returning to derby with previous experience? Read about transfer/returning skaters below.

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Photos by Anthony Floyd and Niki Desautels