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Junior roller derby is an exciting and fast growing sport! Mob City is a coed, or open division, junior roller derby league that was founded at the Everett Skate Rink in 2013. Since then Mob has been a competitive league focused on skater growth and derby development. When the Everett Skate Rink closed in 2021 Mob City relocated to Lynnwood and North Seattle but we still presented Everett and Snohomish county as their original junior roller derby organization.

Mob City Junior Roller Derby is a co-ed youth sports league dedicated to bringing the sport of junior roller derby to the Puget Sound area.  Our goal is to provide a fun, safe and supportive environment for young athletes, ages 7 – 18, where they can come together and play this highly exciting sport of speed, strategy, and teamwork.  Mob City helps empower skaters with confidence, leadership skills, and athletic abilities while improving overall fitness. We provide a place where skaters learn to play roller derby in a framework built around trust, respect, friendship, and athletic competition.  Mob City is an equal opportunity league and does not discriminate on gender, race, creed, color, or sexual orientation.

Skaters at Mob City always have the ability to work one on one with our coaches, and the opportunity to gain skills and grow within the league. Skaters are assessed on their skills and readiness to play derby, not on their age. Our teams; the Goons, the Punks, and the Misfits give skaters the chance to build skills and be challenged while looking ahead to the next step in their roller derby journey.

Roller derby is a passion project, and Mob City is a volunteer run league. Everyone from our coaches to our board members are here to support our skaters, and the sport of roller derby.
When you join Mob City you are family.


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